☀️ What is the Solstice?
One year ago during a time of great turmoil and instability, after wild magics had ripped through the world and its inhabitants lashed out at each other, the gods decided to enact “The Day of Never Ending”; where the sun rose high and scorched the sky never to descend again. To avoid total collapse, heroes were sent out to find a solution to this curse, and due to the varying realms and their magical borders being weakened, several envoys from various loyalties met at what was dubbed the first ‘Solstice’.
☀️ Why are we here?
Now it is one year on, and another “Day of Never Ending” has come again. It is time for envoys to embark on another journey to The Solstice and work out new terms for the coming years’ armistice… Feyfolk, Wyldfolk, and Layfolk envoys will come together to further the agendas of their chosen loyalties and avert sending the world back into unsanctioned chaos.
☀️ Who are you?
In Solstice there are 3 loyalties to which your character has to choose one to be aligned to at creation. These are the Feyfolk; lawful traditionalists who wish to preserve and guide (High Elves, Genasi, Seelie etc), the Wyldfolk; beings of natural chaos and wild-folk (Wild Elves, Goblins, Orcs, Unseelie etc), and the Layfolk; upstart beings of comradery, evolution, and diligence (traditional fantasy mortals like Humans, Dwarves etc).

Step 1: Read the Rules
I know this seems like a no-brainer, and luckily Solstice’s rules are nice and simple so check them out here:

Step 2: Simple Kit
Best way to get a feel for the game is to roll in with a simple fantasy vibe geared towards your desired loyalty and think about some cool phys-reps (trinkets, badges, accessories etc) for your boons.

Step 3: Ask Questions
If you have questions/queries feel free to reach out to the group, your friends that play, or myself to help get you the answers you need.



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