LARPwest – Who We Are

LARPwest is a community group which supports and facilitates a range of Live Action Role Play (LARP)  games within Western Australia.

LARP is a hobby which includes a wide variety of themes, styles, rules and game lengths. Our current events range from medieval fantasy games like Concord and Faith & Steel, to the urban gothic of  Vampire the Masquerade, the magical intrigue and mischief of Ravenswood Institute and many flavours of creativity and roleplay in between.

LARPwest became an Incorporated Association in 2019, and provides Public Liability and Personal Injury insurance coverage at our events for our members, as well as governance support and resources for LARPwest event Organisers. This support includes access to the LARPwest Grievance Subcommittee and Site Build Subcommitee (see below for more information). 

We are an inclusive and diverse community and LARP provides a safe space for people to explore their identity, learn new skills, and engage in activities which support mental and physical wellbeing. 
Discrimination based on gender, race, class, sexuality or disability are not acceptable. We expect all our members to be respectful and pro-social participants. 

Your LARP West Committee Members

Aaron Apollos


Hamish Halket


Brendan Lisle

Vice Chairperson

Sam Bowden

Ordinary Member

Trent Bersan

Interim Secretary

Miriam Hurst

Ordinary Member

Current Membership Numbers