The world is a vast place filled with cities, countries and continents. Strife and conflict canbe found no matter which way you turn, no matter where you are. New lands form as old lands crumble and fall into distant memory. Change is constant and the inhabitants of thisworld only live to survive it. Yet why is this the way of the world? What controls the aspect ofthese changes and what forces such conflict? The Realm stands apart from the world, but is key to answering such questions. Within the Realm, the forces of Order and Chaos tear each other apartin order to gain at least a slight advantage, all for the sake of control. For if you control The Realm, you control the world. This is the essence of change, and the essence of Ascension.

Welcome to Ascension. Ascension is a Fantasy-Based Combat game set to run on a seasonal basis consisting of 5 Events, also known as turns. Each event is planned to last around 5 hours, and will primarily consist of costuming up for your chosen Faction and fighting as a Hero and Soldier to determine the outcomes of each battle, before attending a final Council to determine various in-game events for the next turn. Each season will conclude at the end of the 5th Turn, and the next season will have potential changes implemented influenced by the theme of which faction won the prior season.

More information on Ascension can be found via the Facebook Group (Ascension LARP).



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