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LARPwest is a community group which supports its members and LARP organisers to facilitate a range of Live Action Role Play (LARP) games within Western Australia. This includes provision of governance and compliance support, insurance, community management and promotion.

LARP is a hobby which includes a wide variety of themes, styles, rules and game lengths. Our current events range from medieval fantasy games like Concord and Faith & Steel, to the urban gothic of Vampire the Masquerade, the magical intrigue and mischief of Ravenswood Institute and many flavours of creativity and roleplay in between.

Join us to explore the world of LARP!

How to get involved

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Discover the Adventure: Whether you’re a seasoned role-player or new to the world of live-action role-playing, LARPwest offers a gateway into immersive worlds, thrilling stories and unforgettable characters. If you’re interested, saying hi on our Facebook pages and coming along to a training session is the best way to dive in!

Join Our Community: Connect with fellow enthusiasts on our main Facebook page for the latest updates on LARP events and training opportunities. Here, you can stay informed about upcoming events, volunteer callouts and more.

Engage in Discussion: For a more casual interaction, visit our community chat page. This is a space for community members to chat, exchange tips, buy, and sell LARP gear. It’s a great place to ask questions, seek advice, or find the perfect piece for your next event.



Our LARP Events


Concord is a fantasy weekender LARP in Perth, Western Australia. It is based on the Empire LARP system by Profound Decisions in the UK, but with a combat and spell casting system more commonly found here, a new setting and a more streamlined overall ruleset. It is written by Michael Harris and launched in July 2021.


On a field of yellow flowers, mortal enemies once again meet in battle. Emerging from the rising sun, the disciplined and devout soldiers of the Empire. To greet them with ferocity, the naturalistic, united warriors of the Clans. Welcome to the world of Faith and Steel.


Ravenswood Institute is a nordic-inspired parlour LARP that makes use of a modern day setting. The main games will focus on your journey as a student of Ravenswood Institute. Where magic is real, and magical experiments can go wondrously right… or horribly wrong. Ravenswood Institute is a location of higher learning within the setting of our game, like a Magical University, as such you should consider what goals you have as a student.


POX-ECLIPSE is a Wasteland Event that runs annually. As part of this event a sport is played known as “JUGGERS” or “The Game”. As such, training events for Juggers are run fortnightly Sundays at Bassendean Primary School Oval as a LARPwest Event.


Welcome to Ascension. Ascension is a Fantasy-Based Combat game set to run on a seasonal basis consisting of 5 Events, also known as turns. Each event is planned to last around 5 hours, and will primarily consist of costuming up for your chosen Faction and fighting as a Hero and Soldier to determine the outcomes of each battle, before attending a final Council to determine various in-game events for the next turn.



Project Fall is a LARP set in a SciFi dystopic future. It focuses on creating an intense and immersive experience based around the story of a spaceship crash; Players will fill the role of the survivors of said crash and will attempt to survive on this new and hostile alien planet they find themselves on.


The game’s setting is that of our own world, at least on the surface. Important locations, people, and events are all mirrored in the World Of Darkness. It just so happens that there might be more to them than meets the eye. Maybe World War II was started by a cult of vampire supremacists? Maybe Queen Victoria was a secret mage? Maybe Abraham Lincoln was a feared vampire hunter?


What is the Solstice?

One year ago during a time of great turmoil and instability, after wild magics had ripped through the world and its inhabitants lashed out at each other, the gods decided to enact “The Day of Never Ending”; where the sun rose high and scorched the sky never to descend again. To avoid total collapse, heroes were sent out to find a solution to this curse, and due to the varying realms and their magical borders being weakened, several envoys from various loyalties met at what was dubbed the first ‘Solstice’.


West Nerf is one of the largest and longest running foam blaster clubs in Australia, celebrating our 15 year anniversary in 2024!
The club focuses primarily on regular skirmish games with several sites both north and south of the river currently in use.

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