LARPwest Grievance Subcommittee

The LARPwest Grievance Subcommittee is an approachable and diverse group of individuals tasked with handling grievances and complaints in the WA LARP community on behalf of LARPwest. The Subcommittee follows clear grievance procedures that are accessible to the community through the Grievance Procedure Document. They receive statements, investigate a case, and form recommendations on the outcome which is approved by the LARPwest Committee. First and foremost, they are concerned with upholding the values of safety, consent, confidentiality and procedural fairness for the benefit of the community.

Applications are taken every 6 months to ensure Subcommittee Members are chosen from different parts of the community and share the work around. Information on the responsibilities of the Subcommittee Members can be found in the Position Description and Code of Conduct below.